Reopening April 19th 2021

We are reopening our Box on April 19th 2021! Indoor Classes and Open Gym will ​be available from this date. Please check the class schedule for more information. 

Free Trial

Want to give CrossFit a go? Sign up for a free trial session at our box.

Outdoor Classes

We will continue to hold outdoor classes throughout summer and autumn.

Daily Workout 

Workouts are scaled to each individual's skill and fitness level. Beginners, intermediates and pros will all receive a training adjusted to their needs.


Compete! There are lots of events during the year, such as the official CrossFit Opens or our TST events like TST's Fittest or the Christmas Team Challenge.


CrossFit has a large range of movements based in gymnastics, powerlifting and weightlifting. Our coaches will ensure a high level of quality throughout all training sessions.

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