The CrossFit TST 311 Box was founded on October 28th 2013 by Sabrina and Max.

We might be the smallest box in Bern, but as they say good things come in small packages!

Our athletes vary in age from young to not so young. Thanks to our small size, CrossFit TST 311 feels more like a family

than your usual Box.

We would love to meet you! So why not stop by! And, if you feel like it, join a workout while you are here

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What does TST 311 mean?

TST is the abbreviation for Training, Schulung, Therapie (or in English "Training, Education, Therapy"). This is also the name of the gym we are located in.

311 stands for the zip code 3011 where the Box is located.



Seilerstrasse 21

3011 Bern



031 381 02 03​