TST's Fittest 2020

Join in the competition and sign up for TST's Fittest 2020! 

We will hold monthly WODs that will contribute to your overall ranking going into the finals
along with the Open results.

Didn't do the Open or all the monthly WODs? No worries, you can still participate! 

Finals: June 6th & 7th 2020


Bring a Friend Week: October 14th - 20th 2019

“Bring a Friend” gratis mit ins GroupFitness*, CrossFit* und Gym!

*Voranmeldung erforderlich im CrossFit und BODYPUMP


Daily Challenges im CrossFit!

Tagesgewinner: Gutscheine im Wert von CHF 50.-


Vermittlungsgutschein im Wert von CHF 50.-

Vermittelter Neukunde löst 3, 6 oder 12 Monatsabo im Zeitraum vom 14. - 20. Oktober 2019

Gültig auf Kombi, GroupFitness, Gym und CrossFit Abos


Vergünstigung auf 12 und 6 Monatsabos* 

* nicht gültig auf Firmenabos oder CrossFit Abos

Screenshot 2019-10-10 at 10.17.37.png

Row and Ski Erg Seminar with Jane Erbacher 2/3.11.2019

No more frustration. No more blown quads. No more sore back.

Just a better, more effective and enjoyable workout: every time you use the ergs.

Jane has experiene in coaching world class athletes such as Tia Clair-Toomey or James Newbury!

Save your spot and sign up in our box! The seminar will take place in Münsingen (Provolution), Switzerland.